Table-Top Units

Disc finishing machines are designed for quick and effective surface treatment of jewellery workpieces and components made from plastic or metal. Processing time is determined by the centrifugal force, which is created by rotating movement of the bottom disc. Bottom disc puts the media and workpieces into spiral movement. Curved shape of the working bowl eliminates impingement and provides efficient media flow in the working bowl. It also results in shortening of the process time. Processing times in disc finishing machines are several times shorter than in vibratory machines and up to 20 times shorter than in rotary tumblers. Disc finishing machines find multiple applications in the jewellery industry. They make it possible to treat the surface of workpieces right after casting or stamping up to the polishing stage. Disc finishing machines are suitable for deburring, grinding, tarnishing or degreasing. Applied dosing system and emptying of working bowl facilitate often cycle changes, what significantly increases efficiency of the process. Our machines are also available as combined versions (e.g. Wet+Wet, Wet+Dry). Disc finishing machines are suitable for wet and dry processing. Wet processing is supported by chemical compounds, which increase slide properties and accelerate grinding process. In dry process the walnut media are pre-impregnated with grinding or polishing paste and the media is cooled down by means of air blower, which is integrated in the machine.