All-purpose pre-master alloy for 585-750‰ (14-18 Kt) yellow gold

A182NM is a pre-master alloy for 585-750‰ (14-18 Kt) yellow gold jewelry, designed for lost-wax casting in closed systems. This alloy can also be used for mechanical working processes in general.
The color of 750‰ gold made using A182NM complies with the 2N yellow color definition according to the UNI EN 28654 standard. A182NM can also be used in the production of 585‰ gold, where it results in a green yellow hue.
The hardness of 750‰ gold alloyed with A182NM can be increased by means of a heat treatment.
The absence of zinc in A182NM guarantees zero metal loss from evaporation during processing. It makes it also successfully used in fire-enamelling processes.
A182NM has a minimum level of deoxidizers; this makes it suitable for casting in closed systems. While liquid, the metal is perfectly clean and leaves no residues in the crucible after pouring.
A182NM offers excellent fluidity in casting; it has extremely high shininess and lustrous color after finishing.