MC 16

A compact casting system for small studios, with which high-quality casts can be made economically.

Suitable for all metals The 3.5 kW induction heating means that the material melts extremely rapidly in an atmosphere without oxidation. All metals – also platinum and steel – can be cast without difficulty. The crucibles are large enough to solve any standard casting task one would find in a studio or atelier with no difficulty at all. The flasks can also accommodate larger or heavier jewellery parts. It is equally possible to melt and cast minimal amounts of metal. The entire process is extremely fast, especially if the goldsmith uses so-called speed investment compounds. This enables rapid response to new models, fulfillment of express orders and the implementation of last-minute ideas, for example before a trade fair. Rapid and simple casting The whole process of casting can be carried out simply, quickly and safely without any real prior technical knowledge of casting. In the investment machine the gipsum gets mixed under vacuum – correctly dosed and air bubble free. The flask with the wax model gets filled under vacuum, too. Vibration during filling eliminates air inclusions. The wax is molten off in the furnace and the mould is burnt out. MC 16, the new MC series basic model • NEW: Run of process with controller • NEW: LCD-display with all program data (20 programs) • For graphite and for ceramic crucibles, temperature up to 2000° C • Very easy to use, short training period • Perfectly suited for small castings and small series • 3.5 KW induction generator for fast heating • Even for the casting of steel and platinum After pouring, the MC series automatically switch to overpressure in order to optimise the mould filling even for delicate parts. Alternatively it is also possible to keep the vacuum.