Gray Resin

Bring your ideas to life. Our suite of design materials are ideal for high-resolution rapid prototyping and design verification. With smooth surface finish, dimensional accuracy, and precise detail, these resins produce excellent prototypes for iterative product design for and make a great base for parts that will be primed or painted.

Engineered for high-speed prototyping and design, with print speeds topping 120+ mm per hour and small models printed in 12 minutes. Strength properties similar to ABS plastic. B9R-6-Gray: 1 KG (2.2 lbs) bottle. B9Creations’ B9R-6-Gray Resin is the ideal material for achieving requirements such as dimensional accuracy, strength, and temperature resistance. This material maintains its shape and dimension through curing and is capable of extreme build speeds, reaching 100+ mm per hour, without sacrificing the surface quality. The B9R-6-Gray Resin paired with the B9 Core Series can extend your functional prototyping into production value. Depend on B9R-6-Gray Resin for: • Functional Prototyping • Conceptual Modeling • Production Parts • Design Verification • Serial Production • Mass Customization



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